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Whether it is Web Application, Desktop Application or any other kind of software, we have the in-house development team that can deliver a quality product. We follow strict software engineering principles and secure coding practices to bring perfection and security together. Grow your business with us being your IT partners. We offer both desktop based and web based software development services which are tailored to the specific needs of our clients to maximise their profits. The best part is the Quality Assurance we offer as an integral part of our promise. Throughout the inception of project will its delivery, we continuously engage with the clients and keep them notified of the deliverables. Also, our developers have wide experience to work with major application development platforms and languages.

What We Offer

Project Management

With wide experience and competence in project management our team is highly capable of solving clients’ needs by utilising project management best practices. We also help the clients identify scope of the project from early inception time to keep focus and meet timelines. Such a systematic approach ultimately leads to refined quality applications within given time frame. We also have PMP and CISSP qualified people working as senior project managers.

UX and UI Design

An application that is not appealing and convenient to use does not attract users even if it is well written. We learned this thing early on and hired team of dedicated UI/ UX experts to introduce fluidity, elegance and ergonomics to applications. A demo of our various COTS solutions' can validate the stance. We take UI and UX seriously and consider it an essential part of the overall product. We also received appreciation from a renowned client specially on the custom UX we suggested.

Quality Assurance

Poor Quality product or experience could be a catalyst to tarnish brand reputation, revenue and market domination. We have seen many poor quality software destroying businesses. Our goal is to provide top-notch quality assurance testing services which will not only help you to make your app reliable, sustainable and fast but also help you to gain consumer trust which will help you expand your business. We are using a sophisticated QMS (Quality Management System) approved by the ISO 9001 standard and rely on the IMAAT (Integrated Manual and Automated Testing) approach.

Backend Development

Back-end development is usually difficult for small companies because it requires integrating various technologies together and therefore a high level of expertise. At our end, we do not have problem of resources and our team is well equipped to develop and manage any kind of back-end services. You can also consult us to improve your legacy solutions or upgrade your existing infrastructure to latest technologies.

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